A downloadable cyberninja for Windows

This is a tutorial level ,  all other features will be added soon .

A game set in the future 80000 feet above earths atmosphere on a man made island. where the people are divided into 2 factions. where the antagonists want to use the sun to their benefit and you don't want that. So the player has to use lighting bending techniques to defeat the enemies.  there are different types of  enemies who have their own powers.  so you've to stop all and turn off the switch that saves mankind.

team members 

Andrew Yorke - programming 

Brandon  - AI programming  

Aravind Nair - Level Design

SIddarth Nair - Sound Design

Affan Khadir - UI / main menu

Install instructions

unzip and open the .exe  file

click on new game , it will take a few seconds to load .


aurorademo.rar 89 MB


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the player movement feels like a AAA game  controller , the level design is good.

it's hard to make a player controller like this one in the game . 

what a beautiful level ,the neon lights looks amazing

As an indie game developer , i liked the game design  and the mechanics , though it has a few problems ,the game is currently in development as shown in their page , good job !